Is marketing to baby boomers going to change?

The economy is taking its toll on baby boomers.  Those on the leading edge — late 50s and early 60s – have seen their retirement dreams deflate along with their 401(k) accounts.

So what’s it going to change about their lifestyle and their attitude?

We’ve spent a lot of time as marketers getting into their psyche, researching them from every angle — does it all still stick? And if it doesn’t, what has changed?  Or are we going to have to find new marketing messages to reach baby boomer customers?

This is one of the big topics we’ll be talking about at the conference in March.  What do you think?  What are you seeing in the behavior of your customers and prospects?


Marketing to baby boomers in the new economy

What a year this has been!
For many – we have watched our 401k turn into a 201k. We have swallowed news story after news story about our economy. So – where can we turn for real business advice that can help us navigate through the economic changes?
We are pleased to be offering this conference as a place to learn real lessons from what is working in the marketplace. Boomers  still have over 91% of the net assets in the marketplace in the US. The What’s Next Summit is an opportunity for collaborative learning about what is working. How to get deals done; how to drive revenue though partnerships; how to use social media and the internet to drive ecommerce and brand awareness.
We are launching a new idea this year – boot camps around issues that are important to our community. We have chosen the topics of entrepreneurship and e-revenue. Why entrpreneurship? The SBA just launched a small business entrepreneurship center. Entrepreneurship is one answer as to how the boomers will finance their future longevity.
This is a market opportunity for companies that are supplying technology tools to serve this marketplace. It is also a market for service providers. At the bootcamp, you’ll learn how to launch and start a business as a boomer. We will also learn how to gain inroads into this small business opportunity for service providers.
E-revenue –a new concept  that was recently brought to life in the election when we watched candidates use mobile technology and the internet to drive fundraising and participation in events. Non profits need to learn how to leverage the web and mobile to diversity their business models and gain new revenue streams. Dancing with the stars made ‘texting to vote” something we all understand. Now – we will show how non profits are learning to make ‘texting to give” work for them.
In this economy – the key word is PIVOT. You need to be flexible and adaptive as you drive to business results. We will demonstrate case studies and lessons about how to target and serve the boomer, the senior and the caregiver. We have a strong history with this event.  We hope you will attend and participate in this thought leadership community. You will learn the research in the first hour by some of the best — for example:– You will learn from top evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, the latest in marketing.  You’ll meet Laurie Orlov, noted former Forrester researcher, who will share the results of her first major research report on Aging in Place. You will gain the best in branding from our keynote, Emilio Pardo, the AARP executive who has won awards for the AARP rebranding effort. . And, Miriam Rivera, former top Google executive, will teach us about the Art and Spirit of the Deal.


I recently attended the Online Community Summit in Sonoma. There were about 85 participants in the event. You could barely hear a pin drop there was such active listening in ‘what works’ as companies use online tools and community in an attempt to understand and serve their customer. We aspire the same type of quality – to bring the thought leaders together and to share best practices.

We know that in this economy – every dollar counts and so does every minute. Please consider attending our conference and sharing what you are learning and networking with the best. We have great rates….and when we break we can try and find a penny machine!

all best == mary