Are baby boomers ready to look their age?

Will the change in the economy lead to changes in the way we think about aging –again.  So much has been written in the past decade about 60 becoming the new 40; how boomers will change aging etc.

This from Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal OpEd page on Saturday April 18 in a column about return to simplicity…

“People will be allowed to grow old again. There will be a certain liberation in this. There will be fewer facelifts and browlifts, less Botox, less dyed hair among both men and women. They will look more like people used to look, before perfection came in. Middle-aged bodies will be thicker and softer, with more maternal and paternal give. There will be fewer gyms and fewer trainers, but more walking. Gym machines produced the pumped and cut look. They won’t be so affordable now.”

I think the changing economy and retirement reality will influence boomer thinking about a lot of issues.  Some out of necessity– like money and work– and some because the pendulum did swing too far — just as in too much credit maybe too much emphasis on youth. 

What do you think?

posted by Laura Rossman


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